Hi! We’re Uniquely Watches and we are passionate about making great watches.

The image of a successful executive is not complete without a wristwatch strapped on one of his wrists. Watches are an important symbol in business. People who wear watches exudate an aura that they are organized, reliable, and professional. Otherwise stated, they are people who do understand the value of time and certainly will not squander it.

Men have been wearing watches, either for professional or aesthetic reasons, for decades. In the modern age, you might not see many people wearing traditional watches due to the advent of smartphones and smartwatches. It even appears that traditional watches are taking a back seat; so, that’s why we’re here.

We’re here to introduce unique watches that will surely make heads turn.

We’re a group of watch enthusiasts and have been lovers of timepieces as far as we can remember.  We established Uniquely Watches in 2018. When we’re not busy with our professional lives, you can catch us talking about watches and sometimes even coming up with our own experimental designs for watches.

Little did we know, an opportunity, too good to refuse, was put in front of us. The family of one of our co-founders is into the manufacturing of OEM watches. They have been in the same industry for the past 30 years, so to say that they have perfected the craft of watchmaking is an understatement. Therefore, after some much-needed introspection, we figured it was time to pursue our passion.

At its core, Uniquely Watches has a straightforward goal. We want to produce unique mechanical watches that come with unique designs, are reliable, long-lasting, and most of all, affordable. As much as we are fans of luxury watches, we want to produce something that even the average person can afford and use. After all, watches need to be worn; otherwise, their practicality will be defeated.

We are guided by our core values: respect – we pay homage to the artisanal talents of our craftsmen and watchmakers; ingenuity – we come up with bold, provoking designs that challenge the usual watch design; and passion – we want to show the world that wearing watches is “cool” again.

A quick look at our watches and you will immediately notice the uncommon design. We intentionally came up with such a design so that it will catch the eyes of onlookers and intrigue them. In a way, we envision that our watches will become great conversation starters. Aside from its uniquely designed face and bezel, we also couple our watches with top-of-the-line straps and we have one for each occasion.

So, whether you’re attending a business meeting, a gala, a date, or simply having fun gallivanting around the world, one of our timepieces will certainly complete your look.

What are you waiting for? Check out our product catalog now and see what we have in store for you. If you’re looking for the accessory to perfect your look, then Uniquely Watches is the perfect item you’re looking for.