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    03. What makes mechanical watches so fascinating? (Part II)

    Focus and Simplicity

    In the age of everything "smart," the mechanical watch is an inspiring existence to remind us all about our more modest time, a time without distractions.

    That is a time when we have a much better focus on people and things within our proximity, a time when we formed more profound connections with one and other, a time when we are not obsessed with technology and a time when we lived a simpler yet more fulfilled life.

    Mechanical watches may be outdated, but people are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for them. It is the identification and recognition that people give to the heritage, ingenuity, and the times represented by mechanical watches.

    And they identify you as a discerning individual who cares about the tiniest attention to detail, who respects history and heritage, who has a firm grasp on principles they live by, and who is wise and intelligent.

    Join the community of people who "knows." Welcome to the world of mechanical watches.


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