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    01. So...I need a watch?

    We know. As you mature, you suddenly realize you need a watch, maybe two, or three for that matter. You are surrounded by colleagues and friends that speak a language that sounds more like Marsian than anything. You wonder what the deal is. The smartphone in your pocket tells time, just fine! Yet, the urge to get a watch and understand the language slowly creeps up on you.

    And, one day, you cave in to your curiosity and start looking for one yourself, and, you feel helpless.

    You're asking yourself: Mechanical or quartz? Movements? Complications? Why are there such significant differences in price? What sorcery is this?

    Let's make one choice very simple and easy for you, the discerning gentleman you are. Always go for mechanical.  They are the symbol of everything that is great in the human race.  I kid you not.

    Read this to find out why.